Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas concert

Some of my most enchanting students ever. My favorites are Silvia - in the middle, holding her score - she has been my private secretary this term -; Miriam, the smiling girl, very smart and lively; and the little Fabiola, who is next to Silvia, playing her violin. Those girls are really special and charming. They always brighten up my day, and when I see them in the classroom I can almost forget that there are also those ugly, tasteless and tacky girls and boys.

These boys are rehearsing my arrangement of La mer, the swing ditty by Charles Trenet. Even the little horn player did well his part this time!

Andrés and Dana switching their instruments. I enjoyed the special, convivial atmosphere before the concert more than the concert itself.

These smiles from Silvia, Miriam and Fabiola have been my best Christmas gift.

This beautiful young lady performed the Cantabile Op. 17, by Paganini.


Surly Terrier said...

Lovely, JJ! It's always nice to be reminded that, however irritating the tadpoles can be, they can also be sweethearts. You have quite an active little group there, don't you?

JJ said...

Yes, they are really sweet. Nothing to do with those repellent tadpoles. And they are not trying to compose a symphony, as far as I know. I will post more pictures of the rehearsals and the concert, if you don't mind. I am very proud of this students.

Surly Terrier said...

Well, there are tadpoles, and there are THE Tadpoles, and in this case I meant the first. I admire your fortitude in teaching them, honestly. Since my university days I've been told I would make a wonderful teacher, but I never believe it; I don't think I would have the required patience. You have a lot to be proud of.

Andrew Lowe-Watson said...

The photos are lovely, JJ. Thank you for sharing them. Those three girls look as though they really are fond of their teacher, which does not surprise me. I am sure you have a gift for making music fun as well as ample patience , as Rod says.