Thursday, December 29, 2005

Unsung Composers

I just received an email telling me that Matthew Wallace has posted a new piece of music on the Sibelius website. I checked, and the "new piece" was his "Polar Landscapes," which is more a reposting than something new. However, the event put me in mind of the number of Sibelius Music composers about whom or from whom we never hear. I know Andrew Lowe-Watson wrote an appreciative review of Mr. Wallace's "Polar Landscapes" in 2004, and I wrote a short review of his "Jazz Preludes" in 2003, but otherwise he seems to be just another of the overlooked. I consider this unfortunate, as I really like a lot of his posted music.

Now, absence from the the forum is not a guarantee of Sibelius Music obscurity. There are several composers who have made few or no contributions to the forum, but are mentioned all the time and are familiar to most on the site. Peter Martin, Philip Buttall, Jay Anthony Gach, etc., etc., have never felt compelled to blow their own horns (or scrape their own fiddles) in the forum (although we do hear from Mr. Gach now and then), yet everyone knows their music, and knows about them. Sadly, there are many more like Mr. Wallace, who are seldom the focus of homepage publicity, do not participate in the forum, and are overlooked by almost everyone. This is unfortunate, indeed.

However, I am not advocating any publicity on their behalf, at least not within the SibMus forum. Listen to the music of Matthew Wallace, Raymond Warren, Geoffrey Alvarez, Horacio Uribe, Gonzalo Saavedra, and many others, and you'll see what I mean.


Geoffrey Álvarez said...

Hey! Thanks for noting me as one of the great 'unsung' composers. I am new to blogging - this is my first ever comment on a blog site, so be gentle with me.

Good to be on the same page as Saki too, but where is John Walters?

Surly Terrier said...

You're certainly welcome. I only wish more people paid attention to posts like this. As for John Waters (vice "Walters"), I'm sure he's alive and well in North Baltimore. In fact, I used to live in his neighborhood, and saw him at the supermarket on a few occasions.