Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Wouldn't it be wonderful if our opinions and tastes were driven and formed by true and logical internal impulses rather than the desire to appear a certain way to others? I have begun to distrust the opinions of many because of their obvious wishes to appear sophisticated, intellectual, or in a more vernacular vein, "cool." Perhaps the old adage about keeping one's opinions to one's self has less to do with not wanting to hear what others have to say and more to do with simply not trusting others to deliver their opinions for the right reasons.

Perhaps this explains my irritation with endless discussions of which composers someone likes or dislikes, or the delusion that lists of "interests" truly tell anything about the person who compiled them.

Or perhaps I'm simply sleepy.

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MaLj said...

Is there something missing here? Or am I just don't getting the idea? There must be other causes for our opinions and tastes, somewhere in between internal impulses and exhibitionism (of our socially successful adaptations to "coolness")? Could it not be that we form judgments that are logical both to us as individual and to the Society (!) we are part of, and display them because we want to share our experiences with other people?

However, I agree with you. It can be irritating to watch the players in this game, and wonder what the taste & opinion game had to do with real art & music...