Friday, October 27, 2006

An Old Poem

An Autumn Idyll

The earth and sky are all
Awash with gray,
And the soughing rain in the trees
Fills all the world with sound,
Dripping from the eaves,
Dripping from brittle leaves as
Green bleeds away to flame
And dust.

We lie, limbs entwined,
Stilled by sweetness and
Roisterous silence, as the
Milky sky unburdens and
Begs to sing us asleep.

The window is beaded with
Silver and diamonds,
As the raindrops tap to be let in
Where it is warm.
And one by one, the scarlet leaves drop,
Till the lawn is a great mosaic,
Seething with prophetic fire
Under a pewter sky.

And we breathe as one,
And our lips touch,
And we drowse into life together.

©R.A. Moulds, 1995

1 comment:

MaLj said...

When I read "awash with gray", I remember a poem by a woman in a creative writing class, where she accidentally had written that an autumn sky was "tvättad i Payne's Gray" (washed) instead of "mättad i Payne's Gray" (saturated). The specific colour she described was of course a reference to watercolours, as she took art classes as her main subject at the school.