Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Composer diary by Fung Lam

Fung is describing his composition process in a diary on a BBC web page:

"I noticed that the section [at the museum] I spent most of the time looking at was the in the Ironwork Gallery. They have got a huge collection of locks and keys ranging from the 15th century to the 18th century. What fascinated me the most was the really detailed design. So that inspired me to write a piece that’s got specific shapes and perhaps lots of codes as well."

Monday, January 28, 2008

JS Bach remixed

(Also on YouTube, here.)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mere Rouge - a jazz tune by Michael Morse

Video also at YouTube, here.
Sheet music for "Mere Rouge" is available for online view and prints at SibeliusMusic.com

Program notes:

"I surely enjoyed finding out how odd it is that chance findings in the web can change one's life into a digital counterpoint, where the burden of senseless googling will crucify aching shoulders, smiting the wicked with pies and ridicule, while, on the road to Damascus, young Franz and my lovely daughter, Sophie here, from Elysium, Ohio, [line missing] which is the reason why the flowers never [lines missing; something about a donkey?].

At the last moment, the threatening beast jumped on the escape key, sat up at the typewriter, singing "all the works of Shakespeare!" to a melody in parallell thirds, faintly related to the lamb chop cooking song of the Dorians, who for thousands of generations believed their flat space ships would return to Pluto. However, with the recent increase in downtown sailboat incidents, we find that we must be prepared. Maybe those reported 'navigation problems' have a more sinister explanation.

They are here! Three blocks down, past the old railway station, and - watch their leader - the hairy spider next to the pink umbrella! She is morphing into - not the sun, nor the son - but a strange, dark shadow hovering over seven coal miners heading home from a hard day of chasing silent magpies through the stone age library.

If only there was some national policy on library book returns, said the first man - who was not afraid of mere rouge."