Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting and discussion in London

Two messages from Cedric Peachey:


I thought I should bring to your notice, as editor and guardian of the Sibelian Conspiracy, the call for a full meeting of the London chapter of the Composers’ Coven to resolve an important issue of terminology. As usual, a pub lunch and accompanying alcoholic beverages will be served to assist the quality and range of the debate.

Suggestions for a suitable collective noun for composers are welcomed from all paid-up members of the Sibelian Conspiracy. Two proposals have already been tabled:

A cacophony of composers
A counterpoint of composers


There would appear to be no recognised collective noun for a group or assemblage of composers. Mr Ellis has been known to refer to our gatherings as “covens” but this term has no proper association with music and, in any case, has long been regarded as specific to stirrers of cauldrons and riders of broomsticks, with a distinct bias towards the female gender of the aged, warty, cackling variety.

I therefore wish to call a meeting to enquire upon, debate and settle this most urgent of issues at the The Anglesea Arms, in non-gender specific, racially neutral, ability non-dependent, secular language:

How would Saturday 14th or 28th February around noon suit your respective diaries? In the meanwhile, please consult the following for inspiration:

The Collective Noun Page

(This will be edited when there is something more to add to the list:)


A batch of composers - ABOC
A botch of composers - ABOC

A cacophony of composers - ACOC
A cafard of composers - ACOC

A collection of composers - ACOC
A concussion of composers - ACOC
A confusion of composers - ACOC
A counterpoint of composers - ACOC

A conspiracy of composing compeers - ACOCC

An excess of composers - AEOC


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