Friday, February 06, 2009

Poetry and Jazz in Peterborough, Ontario

From The Peterborough Examiner:

"A performance of original compositions for words and music by the jazz/poetry group Credo 4 happens at Sadleir House on Feb. 5 at 8 p. m. The compositions, for voice and a trio of musicians, have been written by two Trent University cultural studies professors, Ian McLachlan and Michael Morse, who have been working for the past six months on the pieces that will be performed. The main composition is entitled "Peace Processes;" it deals with the Khmer Rouge "genocide" in Cambodia and UN peacekeeping operations. Other titles include a long elegy, "Under the Cold Stars," "Oh, Mr. Obama, You'd Better Start Talking Peace," and "Memo from Managua on the Pluralist Revolution." Morse is a bassist who has played over the years with many of the most high profile jazz musicians and composers in Canada and the United States. He is the leader of the Dignity of Labour band, which performs regularly in Toronto. Ian McLachlan won the Best First Canadian Novel prize for his novel "The Seventh Hexagram," and was the coauthor with Rob Winslow of the play "Dr. Barnardo's Children," which played at 4th Line Theatre in 2005 and 2006. Last January, Credo 4 presented its first concert in Peterborough at Traill College."

Sorry that this was posted so terribly late. I believe the performance started 20 minutes ago...

Update: a demo version and the sheet music of the music for this group is available at Michael's publishing page at - see for example Peshawar Curtains

(new readers of this blog coming here looking for more information about jazz, Ian McLachlan, Trent University and poetry from Peterborough, Ontario are probably not interested in following this link to Iain McLachlan's music... so I recommend a visit to the main page of the Sibelian Conspiracy before you leave.)

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