Saturday, March 28, 2009

So Long Ago (Izabella)


1. In the eyes of Izabella

any man was good as gold.

That precisely meant a fellow

could be sized for lies he told.

Shiny, sticky, stiff and old.

Always right, and often cold.

Bye - so long, so long ago!

Hey nonny nonny, hey nonny nonny no

Fol de rol and fol de roodle

Wotcher cock and howdy doodle

There lived a lass and also lackaday

Men were decievers, or so they say...

2. In the days of Izabella

girls believed what they were told.

Women's ways were not Cruella's
Ladies shouldn't be so bold!

Fluffy, feeble, fair and old.

Always wrong, but seldom cold.

Bye - so long, so long ago!

copyright 2007 Barry Booth & Maria Ljungdahl

Sheet music for this song can be purchased and printed online from a score page at Barry Booth's composer home page at A simple demo version can be heard at Myspace.

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