Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frustrated users at

The site was relaunched some days ago after a major reconstruction, which we users have known about for a year or something. The site has had a dysfunctional Beta sibling on show for many months, to give people a chance to test it and send in feedback to the developers, but now the staff decided to let it run on its own and exchanged the former main site with a version that users have found is still not working as expected...
For example, the self-publisher "store" I signed up for after the site's remake, and am currently sketching a logo image for,

isn't possible to browse my published music in, since the pages where I as store holder can edit the layout and functionality of the place are not fully working as expected. Some actions don't "take" at all, for example the page where the logo itself can be uploaded, and the page where the score catalogue is sorted in categories before it is shown in the shop window. Now I'm waiting for a reply from technical support. [update: immediately before I clicked "publish" for this blog post, I just received a nice email from one of the developers, so I am sure they are listening to the users.]

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