Sunday, March 27, 2011

music by Samir Fejzic, Michael Morse, T. Monk, folk and jazz standards


A couple of days ago I purchased and downloaded some albums by fellow SibeliusMusic composer Samir Fejzic

where he plays his own compositions and arrangements of folk music and jazz standards (including a tune by Michael Morse). I thought I should post some links to the band, to give you all a chance to find out what Samir Fejzic Band (and the vocalists he collaborates with) sounds like. It's jazz-folk-classical music from Sarajevo, and with influences from many places and people of our world.

The recordings are available from CDBaby and/or as downloads from Emusic, iTunes and CDBaby (the oldest album is also found as streaming audio from other online music services)


Jazz standards album "Vintage" with Karolina Ollinen (Swedish singer) and Samir Fejzic (piano)
CDBaby and

"Bosnian Songs for voice and trio" album (with vocalist Ines Kazic)
at CDBaby and

"Romantic Soul" album (with vocalist Ines Kazic)
at CDBaby and

videos at Youtube

example of videos:

"Getme, getme, gel" from album "Romantic Soul"

with Ines Kazic and Samir Fejzic band (from cd "Bosnian Songs")
Bogota sam, imam svega
(from a cd promotion concert)

Telal vice (poor sound quality, older concert version)

Exemple tracks from all 3 albums are on Myspace

Review of "Romantic Soul" (from CD Baby):

Exciting, exotic and maybe sometimes ecstatic music of a very contemporary kind of world-folk-classical-jazz-fusion that is pleasant and easy to listen to, but never dull. There are constant rhythmic activity and new melodic surprises in the soundscape these players create. It's a bit strange, though, for ears used to accept the American "dialect" of vocalese and scat singing everywhere in vocal jazz, to hear that these musicians seem to prefer singing on the (solfège inspired?) syllables "tee-rah, tee-rah". You certainly learn some new things you didn't understand before about music and people, if you listen to this album, so I recommend purchasing and downloading it!

If you purchased the album as a download, as is the only option here, you will have to contact the band leader Samir Fejzic to get more info about the music and the musicians, or hope that he will post the whole text of the cd album notes on this page instead of the short version of the presentation that is visible on this page now!

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