Sunday, June 19, 2011

digital sheet music online and offline in the future

Got an email some days ago from the people at SibeliusMusic, and it seems the site will be removed within a couple of months:

" will continue to operate during the transition period, but will be ramping down in the following stages:

- Paid-for scores will no longer be purchasable from 31 July
- Free scores will be available to consumers for another two months, until 30 September
- The final payments to self-publishers for music sold on will occur on or before the end of September
- On 1 October, be shut down, and the homepage will redirect to

Any user data, including scores, programme notes, and account details, that has not been migrated to by the time is finally closed will be deleted 30 days thereafter (in accordance with data protection laws)."

I have already moved my scores to the alternative new web site that they recommended, ScoreExchange, and my music is found at this page

It seems they want to preserve the self-publisher catalogue of scores from the SibeliusMusic era and the user base of sellers and buyers, but redirect it to two new enterprises.

The business idea of SibeliusMusic, to sell printouts of digital sheet music files ("scores" made in Sibelius notation but presented in encrypted Scorch format for web browser viewing/playing/printing) will go to a company called ScoreExchange, which is not related to the Avid group, but to ADAP Solutions, a company where former SibeliusMusic staff and developers work.

An increasingly common use of digital sheet music is to skip the print to paper step and read the music directly on the computer screen, a dedicated type of gadget in the form of a electronic music stand with a screen, or also on a display direct on a musical instrument (a keyboard, usually). Now Avid/Sibelius has developed an application for Apple Ipad, that can show Sibelius files in Scorch format. This makes it possibly to sell musical scores - both from the huge catalogues of sheet music available through commercial music publishers and for the also large catalogue of self-published music - through Itunes, but you need to purchase the Scorch app first and view the music store through it, I think. I haven't tested it, because I don't have an ipad to try it on.

Since the lively forum - the "chat page" - at SibeliusMusic also will be gone in the near future, users have been discussing if they are interested in starting their own forum or connection hub somewhere, and up to now, these possible alternatives have been noted this far:

this is an old Facebook group for discussions and connections between Sibelius users.

here is the official Avid Scorch forum for tech support and discussions about the ipad experience.

the good tech support forum for the main product Sibelius will still be found at the Help Center at

there is also the unofficial yahoo group for Sibelius users, with tech support and discussions - sibelius-list

the product manager at Sibelius, Daniel Spreadbury, publishes a blog - Sibelius Blog

there is since a couple of years a forum with several Sibelius users in it, called Sons of Sibelius (or SOS)

there was a once active but now abandoned Yahoo group with several Sibelius users in it - 21st century composers (I can't log in to it and see the member list, because I think I used an old yahoo identity for it, and have perhaps lost the details for it)

there is a new forum called SibeliusComposers

there is a new Wordpress blog page set up by Steve for discussions and links - Composers of Sibelius

Please comment here - or at the other places mentioned - if you have any ideas or advice!

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